Ethereum 병합은 Crypto Miners에 어떤 영향을 미칩니 까?

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Following Ethereum Merge, ETH miners could possibly be confronted with a lack of jobs. Meanwhile, Ethereum (ETH) miners have recorded increased income than Bitcoin (BTC) miners in 2022. Despite the devastating results of the Crypto winter seen within the area and the surging value of electrical energy, miners of each belongings haven’t relented.

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ETH miners’ income is $1B increased than BTC miners’ this yr

Per information from Arcane Research, ETH mining has generated a income of $11 billion this yr, slightly increased than the $10 billion BTC miners have seen in the identical interval. This sample was seen final yr as properly, when BTC mining noticed a income of $17 billion – $1 billion lower than the $18 billion ETH miners generated.

Prior to this, income generated from BTC mining had been steadily outpacing that of ETH mining. The flip of occasions witnessed up to now yr and a half will be attributed to rising curiosity in ETH because the asset beneficial properties extra traction because of the versatility of its ecosystem.

Nonetheless, the a lot anticipated Ethereum Merge that might see the Ethereum Mainnet and the Beacon Chain coalesce – triggering the swap of the Ethereum community to PoS – threatens the roles of ETH miners who’re seeing billions of {dollars} in income yearly.

The actuality of ETH miners’ dilemma post-Ethereum Merge

Following Ethereum Merge, ETH mining will grow to be out of date, and transaction validation on the community can be carried out by validators who would then be rewarded for his or her efforts, as is the established order in a proof-of-stake blockchain.

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ETH miners might determine to modify to BTC mining, however that might not be doable, seeing as BTC mining is carried out with ASIC miners whereas ETH miners use GPUs for his or her mining processes. The problem of compatibility surfaces.

The second possibility can be resorting to mining tokens that may be mined with GPUs, like Ethereum Classic (ETC) which is the second largest GPU-mineable asset, simply behind Ethereum. However, the income generated from mining ETC is just a fraction of what miners see with ETH – about 3%.

After The Merge, ETH miners can be left with the choices of receiving a fraction of what they used to earn pre-ethereum Merge, and promoting off their GPUs. As the date for The Merge attracts nearer, mining platform AntPool revealed that it had invested $10M in ETC because the ETH offshoot asset would stay mineable post-Merge.

A Chinese miner, Chandler Guo, lately revealed plans to create a forked model of the Ethereum blockchain (dubbed, “ETHPoW”) that might retain the Proof-of-Work mechanism post-Merge, as a option to hold mining going. Analysts at BitMex already famous that traders would possibly present curiosity within the forked chain.

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