Terra 네트워크가 다시 블록을 생성하고 있지만 무엇을 위해?

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코가 페이프 a7282c2856df1aa517c1895fa592031c - Terra 네트워크가 다시 블록을 생성하고 있지만, 결국은 무엇입니까? - 17 d33ba69ea815cf2bc0385888d1f05d25 - Terra 네트워크가 다시 블록을 생성하고 있지만, 그 목적은 무엇입니까? - 19

차단 정보에 따르면 Terra 네트워크는 12시간 동안 두 번 중지된 후 금요일에 다시 활성화되었습니다.

The resurgence comes virtually 12 hrs after the network was put on hold by its programmers, that stated they prepared to “reconstitute” the blockchain.

The action came as a rise in withdrawals crowded the blockchain, bringing deal rates to a crawl. This created a number of significant exchanges, consisting of Binance and also OKX, to delist most LUNA and also UST sets.

World No 2 Coinbase는 최근 추가로 심볼 거래를 제한하는 데 동료들과 합류했으며 27월 XNUMX일에 확실히 직업을 중단할 것입니다.

UST’s collision particularly has actually been disastrous for Terra, considered that a mass of DeFi worth on the system was constructed around the token. UST is currently trading listed below $0.2.

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Terra는 다시 거래를 시작합니다

Terra programmers formally verified the resurgence in a tweet. They urged individuals to relocate every one of their non-native properties, such as bound Ethereum, off the chain.

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Data from Atom Scan reveals brand-new blocks were created on the Terra blockchain, concerning 12 hrs after its suspension. Developers stated the last block created prior to the time out was 7607789. Latest information reveals a block phoned number at 7607839 has actually been created.

Thousands of deals were refined with the blocks, although it was not quickly clear what they required. But passing basic view around the blockchain, they were more than likely withdrawals or market orders.

While the programmers have actually laid out a multitude of various actions, consisting of LUNA producing and also UST burning, to sustain both symbols, their rates have just scrubby.

  Dogecoin (DOGE) foundation is working with Vitalik to create "community staking"

Terraswap back on the internet, but in minimal procedure

Terraswap, among Terra’s biggest decentralized exchanges, stated it is currently back on the internet. But this is just in a restricted capability, in order to run a recuperation agreement. Currently, many elements of Terra are being greatly drawn away in the direction of attempting to preserve the UST fix, and also helping with withdrawals.

But Terra’s momentary time out showed up to have actually created interruptions in various other tasks. DeFi system Venus Protocol stated an out-of-date rate feed for LUNA, triggered by the suspension, had potentially set you back the procedure concerning $11.2 million.


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