Uniswap(UNI)은 강력한 고래 축적 속에서 지난 150주 동안 XNUMX%를 보았습니다. 다음은 무엇입니까?

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UNI, the native token of Ethereum-based decentralized alternate Uniswap, has registered a robust worth rally within the final seven weeks. The UNI worth has gained by greater than 150% within the final seven weeks placing it as soon as once more among the many ranks of the highest fifteen cryptocurrencies by market cap.

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On-chain knowledge supplier Santiment reveals that the current UNI worth rally has been as a consequence of sturdy whale accumulation and rising tackle exercise.

As per Santiment, the each day energetic addresses for Santiment have surged to greater than 1,100. This reveals that the value motion could possibly be extra sustainable because it’s adopted up by sturdy tackle exercise.

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Uniswap 고래 축적

Since May 2022 crash, Uniswap whale addresses have been accumulating numerous UNI tokens in heavier percentages. The whale addresses with 100k to 1m UNI has seen a big accumulation spike within the final two weeks. Santiment reported:

Speaking of whales, the quantity of huge transactions (which we deem to be transactions valued at $100k or extra) are rising again to May ranges as effectively. We can clearly see the most important clump of huge whale transactions that started forming one week in the past, simply previous to the most important worth rise as much as $9.69.

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Furthermore, the energetic common dealer returns for Uniswap have additionally shot up. The 30-day MVRV is at present up by greater than 22.5%. Santiment notes that that is effectively above the ‘Danger Zone’ of +15% or extra.

However, Santiment asks new buyers to stay cautious after the sharp worth surge not too long ago. It notes:

Mid-term buying and selling returns starting to overflow, the excellent news is that long-term merchants (within the 365-day MVRV) are nonetheless effectively underneath water. This signifies that there could also be an upcoming downturn within the subsequent week or two for UNI, however its future for the long-term nonetheless appears to be like to be undervalued.

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