Alameda Research 向 FTX 转移 370 亿美元,更多救助资金即将到来?




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Crypto broker Alameda Research, which is had by FTX owner Sam Bankman-Fried, was seen moving almost $370 million to the exchange today.

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On- chain information company PeckShield flagged a collection of deals in between Alameda as well as FTX, where the broker relocated numerous symbols, consisting of BUSD, USDC as well as ETH to the exchange’s pocketbook.

While it was not promptly clear what the objective behind the deals was, they follow FTX released at the very least 2 significant crypto loan providers.

The exchange has actually provided credit limit completing over $700 million to Voyager Digital as well as BlockFi. Both the loan providers were encountering a liquidity problem in the middle of an extreme decrease in crypto costs.

FTX wishes to stem virus

Founder Sam Bankman-Fried stated in a current meeting that the exchange- which is among the biggest crypto gamers- has an obligation to “stem contagion.” But the relocation is additionally providing FTX a much bigger risk in the crypto market, with the Voyager bargain apparently making Fried the biggest investor in the company.


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Fried is additionally a 7.6% stakeholder in trading application Robinhood, which has a current, yet large visibility in the crypto sector.

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FTX’s bailouts begin the heels of a prospective bankruptcy in crypto bush fund Three Arrows Capital (3AC), which Voyager as well as BlockFi were both revealed to. Concerns over virus from the bankruptcy have actually spread out throughout the marketplace, lowering crypto costs.

But while Fried has actually connected the crypto market weak point to rates of interest walks by the Federal Reserve, there seem more variables at play.

Alameda behind market weak point?

A mass of 3AC, as well as crypto loan provider Celsius’ bankruptcy dangers come from weak point in the costs of Lido Staked Ethereum (stETH).

Both 3AC as well as Celsius had actually utilized the token as security, as well as when its costs dropped, they were revealed to margin calls they might not fulfill. This subsequently liquidated their placements, unloading symbols right into the marketplace.

But stETH weak point accompanied Alameda exchanging regarding $57 countless the token on Curve, triggering a liquidity swimming pool discrepancy as well as nicking the token’s fix to Ethereum.

FTX CEO Fried has actually refuted supposition over the issue, calling it a “dumb conspiracy theory.”


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