Cosmos (ATOM) 价格飙升 12%,即将突破阻力位?




18% 年利率。





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The price of $ATOM, the Cosmos blockchain’s indigenous token, is up by 约 12% 至 7.64 美元 由于 large statement by crypto by-products exchange, dydx, to construct its V4 blockchain on the Cosmos system, there appears to be a great deal of interest for $ATOM.

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ATOM is currently positioned to breach a resistance degree of $8.4, and also potentially verify a favorable fad.

The price of dydx is additionally up by 2% to get to $ 1.42. Its quantity is additionally up 66% in the last 24 hrs.

Cosmos 正在成为创新的中心吗

Greg Osuri, the creator of Akash Network and also $AKT, thinks that beginning on Ethereum and also scaling to Cosmos will certainly end up being a pattern He checked out sovereignty as the utmost scaling technique.

在他们的声明中, dydx additionally admiredCosmos They revealed that total decentralization is one of the most vital attribute of the V4 procedure. V4 procedure consists of an offchain, complete decentralization, orderbook and also matching engine. According to dydx, the Cosmos system permits them to scale to a much greater variety of orders/cancellations per secondly.


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Commonly described as the Internet of Blockchains, Cosmos focuses on enabling business to construct their very own independent blockchain. Each blockchain will certainly have freedom over its choices while being powered by Tendermint agreement.

Ravendex:Cardano 上的下一个 Gen-Dex 和 Launchpad,由 $Rave 代币提供支持 – 立即购买!

$ ATOM To Break Resistance?

Apart from dydx, lots of various other Web3 systems have actually partnered withCosmos Sei Network, Kado Money, Mars Protocol, Kujira, and also Osmosis are a few other technologies that have actually lately happened on its procedure. There appears to be a great deal of interest for the future of the $ATOM.

Major Twitter Influencer and also Crypto Investor, Crypto GodJohn shared on Twitter just how Cosmos is exceeding BTC Similarly, one more significant crypto capitalist, MoonOverlord, thinks that dydx transferring to $ATOM is a significant loss for $ETH

Currently, $ATOM is enormously exceeding $ETH in regards to price gain given that the statement. Whether it will certainly have adequate energy to break resistance, only time will certainly inform.

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