CTFC 抨击 Ooki DAO 实例的“彻底执法”

The CFTC’s activities have actually also been consulted with solid pushback from its very own commissioner, while others have actually attracted contrasts to the SEC’s law by enforcement techniques.

CTFC抨击Ooki DAO案“公然执法监管”

The Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has actually stimulated solid objection from the area after submitting a government civil enforcement activity versus participants of decentralized independent company Ooki DAO over electronic property trading offenses.

In aSept 22 launch, the CFTC specified that it had actually submitted and also concurrently resolved costs versus the owners of decentralized trading system bZeroX Tom Bean and also Kyle Kistner for their duty in “illegally offering leveraged and margined retail commodity transactions in digital assets”

However, the area has actually kicked up a hassle over a synchronised civil enforcement activity versus bZeroX’s linked Ooki DAO and also its participants, which it affirms it ran the very same software application procedure as bZeroX after it was passed control of it, and also hence “violating the same laws as the respondents.”

The enforcement activity has actually attracted the wrath of a variety of crypto attorneys and also also a CFTC commissioner with problems it will certainly establish an unjust governing criterion.

In a dissenting declaration onSept 22, CFTC commissioner Summer Mersinger kept in mind that while she sustains the CFTC’s costs versus the bZeroX owners, the enforcement body is entering undiscovered lawful area when doing something about it versus DAO participants that elected on administration propositions.

“出于多种原因,我不同意委员会根据 DAO 代币持有者参与治理投票来确定其责任的方法。”

“This strategy comprises outright ‘regulation by enforcement’ by setting policy based on new definitions and standards never before articulated by the Commission or its staff, nor put out for public comment,” she said.

美国区块链协会的律师兼政策负责人 Jake Chervinsky 在 Twitter 上表示,执法行动“可能是加密历史上执法监管的最令人震惊的例子”,并将美国证券交易委员会和 CTFC 进行了比较,注意到:

“我们已经详细抱怨 SEC 滥用这种策略,但 CFTC 让他们感到羞耻。”

The DeFi Education Fund also chimed in by noting that the CFTC’ s costs likewise provide a dismal possibility for individuals attempting to introduce through DAOs.

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“’Lawmaking via enforcement’ stifles innovation in the US, and today’s action will sadly further discourage any US person from not only developing but also *merely participating* in DAOs,” it created.

The checklist of costs consist of unlawfully using retail take advantage of and also margin trading; “engaging in activities only registered futures commission merchants (FCM) can perform;” and also stopping working to integrate a consumer recognition program under theBank Secrecy Act

The CTFC likewise described that Bean and also Kistner showed that they intended to move bZeroX over the Ooki DAO as component of a relocate to stay clear of suppressions under the grey location of decentralization.

“By transferring control to a DAO, bZeroX’s founders touted to bZeroX community members the operations would be enforcement-proof — allowing the Ooki DAO to violate the CEA and CFTC regulations with impunity,” the CFTC specified.


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