Just-In:Circle Mint 在 8.4 天内赚了 7 亿美元,为什么?





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Circle, the repayments modern technology firm behind the electronic stablecoin USDC, has actually disclosed, in a post, that it has actually retrieved 6.7 billion USDC as well as additional produced 8.4 billion USDC throughout the previous week, with 99.3 billion USDC as well as 61.1 billion USDC produced as well as retrieved specifically throughout every one of 2021.

Circle prides itself at being clear

Per details from the article (“& ldquo;How to be Be Stable”– USDC Transparency as well asTrust & rdquo;-RRB-, the overall USDC book as at noontime (EST) on Friday, 13 May, 2022 was$ 50.6 billion with 77.1% of it, totaling up to $39 billion, remaining in U.S. Treasury protections; as well as 22.9%, totaling up to $11.6 billion, in money.

USDC, or USD Coin, was released by in September, 2018 as a stablecoin backed by the U.S. buck in order to provide [institutional] investors the possibility to effortlessly transform their fiat buck to USDC for professions on crypto exchanges by producing, as well as additionally transform their USDC back to fiat by retrieving when essential.

Circle prides itself at being clear in its audits as well as records when it come to exactly how its stablecoin USDC prices as well as the present market scenario bordering the property. As an outcome, the company gives regular evaluations to keep the count on of clients that are frequently advised that USDC stays steady.

Circle looks for to ensure financiers of the security of USDC in the middle of UST accident

This is specifically vital taking into consideration the present dilemma scenario that has actually tormented Terra USD (UST) which is a mathematical stablecoin. The property all of a sudden collapsed to a document low of $0.68 on May 10, instilling complication right into the crypto area, as well as has actually ever since been having a hard time to recuperate.


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  Terra 创始人对比特币与 UST 稳定币挂钩的任何损失表示担忧

现在 UST scenario is specifically bothersome to financiers that have actually laid the property or are holding it in crypto exchanges as this would certainly cause huge losses ought to they try to retrieve it to fiat –– a problem that ought not to exist with stablecoins.

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The Terra advancement group together with CEO Do Kwon have actually disclosed steps being required to maintain the property consisting of melting 1.4 billion symbols to name a few points. Regardless, the property still dips, trading at $0.16 as at press time. Considering this, Circle looks for to ensure financiers of the security of USDC.

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