Polygon 的 MATIC 在鲸鱼大量聚集的情况下上涨超过 20%




18% 年利率。





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While crypto market capitalists are paying all interest to Bitcoin, Polygon’& rsquo; s indigenous crypto MATIC is making quiet steps. In the last 24 hrs, the MATIC cost has actually leapt greater than 20%.

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As of press time, MATIC is trading 21% up at a cost of $0.48 with a market cap of $3.9 billion. The current MATIC cost rise begins the background of a significant whale accumulation over the last 6 weeks. On- chain information supplier Santiment records:

MATIC sharks and also whales have actually remained in a rather huge accumulation fad for concerning 6 weeks. The rates of owners varying from 10k to 10m coins held have actually jointly included 8.7% even more to their bags in this time frame.

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Polygon 达到碳中和里程碑

Another significant factor behind the favorable cost activity for MATIC can be that its blockchain network Polygon has actually acquired a significant carbon nonpartisanship landmark. Earlier today, Polygon revealed that it had actually partnered with KlimaDAO as component of its ecological campaign.

The business revealed that it has actually bought carbon credit scores worth $400,000, standing for 104,794 tonnes of greenhouse gasses. This is additionally equivalent to the Polygon network’& rsquo; s whole carbon financial debt because its beginning in 2019. Commenting on the advancement, Polygon founder Sandeep Nainwal stated:


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Our globe is dealing with an ecological dilemma, and also the blockchain sector have to do even more than assurance to quit contributing to the trouble. Reaching carbon nonpartisanship is a crucial primary step, however there is even more job in advance. Polygon will certainly blaze a trail as the entire sector approach ending up being a web favorable for the setting.

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Polygon 推出 Polygon ID 集成

On Wednesday, June 22, Polygon revealed the launch of Polygon ID combination. Powered by ZK Cryptography, Polygon ID is a self-sovereign identification option using a significant possibility for DAO administration.

With Polygon ID, individuals obtain the control to divulge careful identification info. Besides, Polygon ID additionally assists in “& ldquo; the opportunity for fully-private & & proven credibility structure”& rdquo;.

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